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T.O Joe

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I've never owned a drone but thinking of buying the DJI Mavic Mini and I've got some questions. I'll be flying in a remote part of Colorado. Does this drone require a connection to satellites for all features to function properly? Will the drone work in wooded areas? If the drone goes over a hill, will it still have connectivity to the remote control or does it need an unobstructed site line to the remote? Is WiFi required for proper operations? 

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It doesn't "require" a connection to satellites but it does help. Check out DroningOn's YT channel where he flew it in a hotel.

It will work in a wooded area but the range will be reduced due to the signal going through leaves.

You will need to maintain line of sight. If you go behind a big building or a hill it will disconnect from the RC.

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The Mavic Mini has FlySafe and is restricted by geo fencing, I live on a military base and can't even fly it in my own house due to this, as in I can not physically take off due to the GPS signal in the house.  So you can't just fly it whereever you want, and you can't turn this off at all, there is no manual ATTI mode.  There is a tinfoil hack, but you lose stability without GPS.  As far as Part 107 licensing in order to profit from using the mini you would still be required to get licensed, just not have to register it with the FAA.  I have been researching Part 107 licensing and one site specifically talked about the mini and the ability to use it for photography and making money.

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