Holy stone mercury 3 hs230

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I just got a brand new mercury 3 and I can’t get it to fly! I bind the controller to the drone and I get the 2 beeps and the lights flash then stay solid lit! Then when I go to calibrate the gyro it’s like it goes dead nothing happens! If I push the left and right toggle stick in like a button then try to arm the motors sometimes they spin for a 5 seconds then stop! I can’t use the one button take off and landing at all! Hs cust serv said once the props starts spinning push the left toggle stick up and I did with nothing changing! This is driving me crazy and of course they discontinued the item and another drone I haven’t even received yet! Their website mentions nothing of this and I assumed I would be able to purchase parts and get service but nope! I get spoken too like in 5 years old! There is obviously something not working correctly and they won’t even take it in to fix it because it’s discontinued and because I didn’t buy it on amazon they are not willing to service it for me! I am very disappointed and was very excited to fly the drone that I seen online and wanted only to be told to watch videos and try buying one on amazon! I was told with proof of purchase factory Warranty applied but I guess not! Everyone is always trying to get out of their obligation instead of making a customer happy and gaining a lifelong customer! I am extremely disappointed and have no idea what to do at this point with this drone that I want to fly and can’t! I don’t understand why it spins for a few seconds then stops? I don’t get why when I push the toggles in they sometimes spin the propellers! Any help is greatly appreciated and please email me anytime anything that can help! 82AKNY@gmail.com Jimmy 

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