Covid-19 Response Programme | Choosing a Drone

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Hi everyone,

I work for a Foundation that is planning to launch a drone response programme for a possible 2nd wave of Covid-19 in the UK. We are looking for drones that would be able to deliver food parcels or PPE equipment to frontline NHS staff in emergencies.

We are looking for a drone around the following specifications within reasonable cost:
  • Carry a load of 7.5kg.
  • Cover a distance of 6 miles in one go.
  • Trackable.
  • Carrying/dropping system.
  • Can be operated in bad weather conditions.
  • Easy to learn how to operate.
What kind of drones should we be looking for? And what kind of low-cost solutions could be developed?

Would really appreciate any help. Thanks
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Well not to rain on your parade but if you want a drone to fly 20 plus minutes, fly it BVLOS, carry 15 pounds, and he ability to fly on inclement weather, how much do you think that should cost?  How much do you want to spend?  How many do you need?  How much of a commitment are you prepared to make for someone to develop that kind of platform?  

If you used a DJI M600, first of all probably not a good choice, but with everything you’d need to accomplish this you’d be looking at something like $20-$25K each.  

7.5kg is a lot more than most multi-rotors can carry. And you want it cheap!?  

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