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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for tips and advice for connecting with realtors around the northern Indianapolis area for some real estate work.  I've done a few jobs here and there, but also have a full-time  job working from home everyday.  I am very thankful for this, but don't get the opportunity to get out much during the week.  I would like to be grow network and gain some other opportunities.  

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.


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Given what you've shared, I'd say a compelling email is a good start with an offer to try you out, taking care not to "cheapen" your services where they expect a deal every time. Often they will try someone new, especially if you have some good work to show them. Do some research on who to contact - the luxury real estate market uses our services the most. You'll have the most luck with them. Others will debate this, but you may want to do a job for free here and there, depending on your level of experience and if you have a portfolio already. 

Also look at commercial real estate brokers. They pay better, are much more business savvy (less bs :), and do just as much or more business. 

Happy hunting!

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