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Good Morning,

As the title suggests, I'm just starting out on this venture looking to learn more about drone piloting and what all is involved.  I do find it fascinating - not just as a hobby, but potentially as a new income stream while doing something that I believe I will definitely enjoy!  To start out, I intend to just spend around $200 on a Vivitar 360 Skyview that I can get off the shelf here at our local WalMart (or online is obviously another option) just to get a feel for how it works and to just begin to learn how to operate one in general.  I understand that that my options are only limited by my imagination as to what I can do with this newly-discovered talent and technology (once I get some experience), but my initial thoughts are to take advantage of whatever opportunities are available out here in farm country USA (possibly mapping?).  As for my "day job", I've been in IT Project Management for over 7 years and technology management in general for over 20 years, so the technology doesn't scare me at all.  I also work part time at my county Sheriff's office 911 center, so I have some understanding about mapping, its use, and how it works so that's the extent of my exposure (GeoComms).  Prior to that, I spent 8 years in the US Air Force (not as a pilot), so there's that association and passion for flying!  Anyway, thank you all in advance for sharing all of your wisdom and knowledge out here as I look to learn as much as I can, and as quickly as I can as I set off on this new adventure!  Cheers!!

Edited by AJ - Arkansas, USA
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