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Any other Solo owners excited about the new multi point cable cam?  I've been dabbling with the 3dr Tower app and I think this new feature will replace most of the need for Tower.  Reportedly you can save previous flights too.  Great for those repeat jobs like HOA fly-overs.

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They didn't have a booth at Vegas, but they were in a bunch of other people's booths and some Solos were out there!

I am interested in the multi point cable cam, as long as I can easily do it from the controller. I think the Solo controller feels cheap, but I do like the paddles and how easy it is to set points.


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Heck yeah,  I am really happy for this.  As I do 3D Animation as well, it is almost like setting key frames for my animations.  Will come in really handy.  I am just wondering how accurate it is.  If I want to do some elaborate flights, will it hit that exact mark within 1 to 2 feet.

Also will it have an option for point to point, straight line if I choose, and will I be able to select 3 points and have it transition to all 3 in a nice even arch.  Kind of how Tower is when mapping out.

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Just now, Lewis@IcarusAerials said:

@Nick2181 I think the accuracy will depend on how good your GPS/hdop are, and that is just going to depend on where you are flying. 


Yeah, it will depend mostly on the GPS and location to where you are at.  I still don't like using the [PLAY] button for automated flight, I like using the joystick.   I like to feel in control of the Solo the entire time, so I will be able to slowly scrub the path to make sure it is clearing all obstacles which I love the option to do so.

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