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Hi all!

Excited to announce that our UAV Coach Aerial Cinematography Training Course will be going live soon, in July! The final touches are being put on the course and its content. We have some great training material for you all and hope you will sign up on the promo page below for further updates.

The course is going to cover a HUGE amount of material and concepts from aerial camera system theory, digital cinema camera basics, Stabilization 101, image control, and 2 dedicated modules on post-production editing, music, transitions, and color correction! After you take the course you are going to be capable of shooting aerials that help to tell a story, one of the main goals of any professional cinematographer. You will then be able to edit this footage into a professional, high-quality reel perfectly synced with music and color corrected to really make the footage pop!

We even shot a short action film complete with aerials and ground based footage to demonstrate and teach you the topics in the course through a unique perspective.

During the course, and even after it ends, you will have full access to myself and my co-instructor, Brendan. You can ask us any questions you would like, show us your footage, and get our feedback on your cuts. We are excited to work with you all and see what you can create!

Check out the promo page above to sign up for updates and to watch the promo video.

See you all in the course!

~Christian T.

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