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13 Drones To Consider Buying in 2016

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I just finished reading about the 13 Drones To Consider Buying In 2016 and am surprised and way disappointed that whoever came up with this "parade of stars" either has an unconscious bias or a lack of professional knowledge about the Yuneec Blade Chromas (both the CGO2 and CGO3 models). Why is it that every time I see an article on the 'Net about drone models or read some news article devoted to UAV's, most of what is listed is fixated on the DJI models or the Inspires, or other "thoroughbred race horse models"?

I have a Blade Chroma CGO2, and I have to say that for its price point and for it can accomplish in aerial photography (2.7 k and 16 megapixels) it does a pretty damn good job. Now, I realize that the dog show breeds have built-in cachet, but the lower end Blade Chroma does fine for me. 

I get the "red-ass" ( a good Southern appellation), and you readers from up north would not be familiar with southern terms like this one) every time I see someone go ga-ga over  a Phantom this or a Phantom that. It burns my butt! 

Just my opinion, y'all.

Jim, New Pilot






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