Drones for CSI—How Drones Can Help Criminal Forensic Scientists Find Human Remains

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Flying a drone as part of a criminal forensic science team may be one of the most interesting new drone jobs out there.

When a person goes missing, investigators conduct massive searches in the area where the person is thought to be. Authorities conduct these searches on foot, methodically scanning the area for anything unusual that may help them find the missing person.


By scanning large areas of land in a short amount of time, drones have the potential to significantly speed up these search efforts.

Using drones equipped with infrared and other sensors, criminal forensic investigators have been experimenting with surveying huge areas of land to find anything that stands out, so they can pinpoint areas where search parties should concentrate their efforts.

In fact, the use of drones in criminal forensics has so much potential that the U.S. Department of Justice recently awarded a grant of $280,000 to the Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State University (FACTS) to help them use drones to locate human remains.

Read today's article to learn more about the grant and how drones are being used in criminal forensics.

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