Wich drone should i buy for less than 200 dollars???

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Hello everyne, im thinking of buying a drone that costs around 200 dollars or less. I have watched some reviews and i thought it would be wise to go some forum and get real person advices.

Can you give me 1 or 2 best drones in that price range?


4k would be awesome and long distance flight like , +1km and around 20 minutes flight time.


thanks everyone :)

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I have the hubsan 501a....it flys fine, but images are blah...my recommendation is go on eBay and try to snag a phantom 3 standard, or dji soark for $200... maybe $250.

You will not like the pictures or videos from any sub $200 drone, it will only wet your appetite for a dji, parrot, or autel drone....and then, your starting $200 in the hole already.

Check out Craigslist locally.

Potensic makes decent flying drones...we start our pilots on those ($30 amazon) before graduating them to a dji spark their first year.






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