Drones in Home Inspections—How Drones Are Helping Home Inspections Become Safer, Faster, and More Efficient

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Lately, we’ve been hearing about roof inspections conducted as part of an overall property inspection made to assess the value of real estate—that is, how drones are being used in home inspections.

For home inspectors working in residential or commercial real estate, the ability to quickly and safely collect data on the condition of a building’s roof is a huge value.

Without a drone, inspectors may have to climb a ladder, often without anyone there to spot them, or walk around craning their neck up, shading their eyes from the sun. And with some buildings, accessing the roof in person is simply impossible.


Read today's article for our five benefits of using drones for home inspections, and to learn about how you might be able to get involved in doing drone work in this field.

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