Zacc Dukowitz

Drones in Mining: How Drones Are Helping Visualize Underground Spaces too Dangerous to Enter

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When we created our in-depth guide to drone jobs a few years ago, we lumped mining-related drone jobs together with drone jobs in construction and aggregates, in part because mining was still a relatively uncommon application for drones.

But these days it seems like we’re hearing more and more about the ways drones are being used to support mining operations.


Recently, enterprise drone manufacturer Kespry announced that The Shelly Company is using their drones for mine planning. And we’ve also been hearing about the ways that mining companies are using Flyability’s Elios 2, an indoor drone that sits in a protective cage, to create 3D maps of the inside of mines.

Read today's article to learn more about how drones are being used in mining operations.

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