Virtual Gallery Tour: Shocks and Delights

Tim Bentley

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Here's a half-hour virtual tour of my Low Altitude Aerial Photography. Some think of drones as toys, but I'm making the case that they are a serious tool for serious photographers.

Drone photography has special capabilities for abstraction, patterns, and shock.

I've narrated the tour, to give you an idea of the challenges, surprises, and sheer pleasure of drone photography.

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Hi Tim, nice job on the virtual tour.  

unfortunately my first thought was who watches a 30 minute YouTube video?  What no music!?  Once I let go, relaxed, your photography and explanations captured my attention and I enjoyed the entire half hour.  You have some very good Aerial photos.

Have you thought about flying a much better camera and lens?  More resolution and better lenses would capture so much more detail.  I realize that some will argue it’s not about the camera, it’s “the story” that matters most.  With respect, everything matters.  It’s the colors we choose, the crop, the framing, the exposure, etc..  how an image is edited can transform it from a cool looking picture to a more interesting photograph.  Using better tools helps produce more vibrant art. 

UAVs have certainly added a more interesting perspective to photography, I’ve seen some amazing images taken by people flying 45MP cameras with sharp lenses.  Combining the high quality image with such a unique perspective is stunning.

Congratulations on your virtual show.

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