Arizona Mavic Air 2 Noob!

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Hey folks... just got a new Mavic Air 2 today.  In Arizona this time of year, it's way too hot to be using it outside, so I'm waiting til sunset to play around with it just around my house at low elevation (powerlines nearby).  So far I've had it hovering inside a bit and my dog going nuts over it.  Finally put it away because he started lunging at it and I really don't want a blind dog. :)

Looking for a drone site to call "home."  I already quit the group on Facebook (too many a-hole users), as well as (too many a-hole moderators).  So we'll see how it goes here. :)

This is my first drone; I want to study for my 107 certificate and see about picking up some work as a drone pilot.  Tired of being a programmer.

Anybody else in the Phoenix area?



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Hi @RobG

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community! Sunrise/sunset is a great time to take drone pictures/videos without worrying about harsh lighting and heat. I have heard great things about the Mavic Air 2, what has been your favorite feature on the drone so far? 

If you are interested in becoming Part 107 certified, there is some great information on this page:

I hope this helps! 



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