Drones for Good: How Drones Coupled with AI Have the Potential to Rid the World of Dangerous Landmines

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Back in 2016, news broke of a drone in development that would be able to map, detect, and detonate landmines.

The drone was called the Mine Kafon Drone (MKD) and the goal of its creators was incredibly ambitious: to clear the world of all landmines within ten years.

Fast forward to 2020, and the MKD drone has raised over $210,000 on Kickstarter—well over its original goal of $83,000. Although MKD hasn’t officially released its demining drones they have undergone intensive R&D, and are close to being ready for prime time.


An MKD Demining Drone in Action

Read today's article to learn more about MKD's demining drone technology, as well as some other demining drone solutions currently being tested and used throughout the world today.

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