Auto-pilot control software for drone

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Hi to all!

Please could you possibly point the way for someone to get auto-pilot software for designing and building a drone? Ie the  control software to keep the drone level in flight, or make it go right/ left control of the motors.

Also, we have a weather drone which will go up on a wire from the ground. The wire carrying electric power for the drone.

Do you please know how we can get software to manage the winch to this drone so that we can manage the paying out and reeling in of this drone's wire so that the wire doesnt get too slack or get tangled?

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Google Ardupilot or PX4. It is open source FC software. Why not just buy a flight controller?  Are you planning to sell this as a product, supply it as a service, or just use it for yourself?  

What kind of weather sensors are you planning to use and how heavy are they?  How high does the drone have to go to get useful information?  Depending on weight and height using a tether to power your drone is difficult.  

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