Drone flying above property watching me at night

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I live in a rural area in Texas on privately owned land. I’ve noticed the last several nights  a drone above me just sitting there and it seems to be watching me? Is this illegal ? And how do I get them to stop?if anything it is just creepy and makes me as a woman feel uneasy.

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How long does it hover in place?  Approximately how high does it hover?  What makes you think it’s looking at you?  

Whether it’s illegal or not depends on the airspace it’s flying in.  Unfortunately it’s no more illegal than someone standing on the sidewalk looking at your house.  

if you have one of those really bright LED flashlights/sun-guns, point it at the drone and focus on the camera.  Maybe it will be bright enough to screw up the exposure and it won’t be able to focus on anything specific.  

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