FLIR’s Dual Sensor Hadron Signals Progress in Development of U.S. Drone Supply Chain

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FLIR recently released a dual sensor camera called Hadron, made for drones, robotics, and imaging system manufacturers.

One big thing that makes the Hadron unique is that it wasn’t created for consumers but for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), companies that make drones, robots, or other imaging equipment. According to FLIR, the Hadron is the very first dual sensor camera ever made just for OEMs.

The Hadron effectively removes the middleman for drone manufacturers, making it possible for them to buy a dual sensor camera for their drones that will basically work out of the box. Companies can just purchase the number of Hadrons they need in bulk for their drones, without any special arrangement with FLIR required—although FLIR does seem happy to work with companies to help them integrate the Hadron (more on that below).

Read today's article to learn more about FLIR's Hadron and how it signals progress for the continued development of the U.S. drone supply chain.

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