It’s Official—The UAS IPP Will End in Two Months

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Well folks, it’s official—the UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) will end in October.

We first heard about the IPP ending from Chris Korody of the Drone Business Center.

We reached out to the FAA for confirmation and they told us that yes, after the three year period mandated by the original IPP memorandum issued by the White House, the program would be coming to a close.

But when we read the memorandum, we noticed that it doesn’t require the program to end. Rather, it states: “The Program shall terminate 3 years from the date of this memorandum, unless extended by the Secretary.” (The italics are ours.)

So did the IPP achieve its goals? And why isn’t it being extended?

Check out our recent article on the end of the IPP for our answers to these questions, and also chime in here with your thoughts on whether the program has been a success.


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