Stunning Bachalpsee Lake in Switzerland

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The flights seem to be very good and smooth, however, everything seems to be very dark.  Does your drone have sunglasses on?  Even the videos in the bright sunshine seem to be darker than it seems it should be.  It could be my PC or something on my end.  It's just that the whole video seems be on the dark side--meaning lack of light not lack of morality!  Certainly a lot of excellent effort was put into this video.  Switzerland is always beautiful.

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Thank you! 
Interesting, that's the first time i've heard this, no one else so far had this comment. It's always difficult to hit the brightness right, it looks different from screen to screen. It seems to look fine for me on al my screens and my phone and the meters in the editing software seem quite balanced. Only when i look at it on youtube on white background (or here embedded in this forum), it seems darker, but i think thats an optical illusion because of the white background (which in general isn't good for video, that's why all editing software have dark interfaces and backgrounds) and it doesn't seem too bad to me.
I like to play with light and shadow, I don't like it if everything looks overblown. I don't like to film around noon when everything is in full Daylight (except maybe for top-down shots) Maybe it's just my style - Light can't exist without the dark and vice versa ;)
Please if anybody else feels like my videos are on the dark side, let me know and I'll adust.
Also, yes, my drone has sunglasses, but it's just a standard ND-8 Filter to keep the shutter time at 1/60th of a second. That shouldn't be the problem.

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!

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