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Hello Everyone,

I am a new member however I am not new to drones. I used Drone Pilot Film School to get my FAA certification about a year or year and a half ago. I am a videographer specializing in everything from shooting to editing and everything in between. I shoot sporting events and use the Phantom 4 on live tv shoots along with real estate photography, how-to videos, stock video and soo much more. I wear so many hats and try to shoot as much as I possibly can everyday. Im excited to start digging into all the knowledge there is here!

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Hi @Alex Hazzard,


Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It sounds like you use your drone for a lot of different applications. If you do not mind sharing, how has business been for you and what are your favorite types of jobs to work on? I fly a Phantom 4 Pro myself, the Phantom series is hard to beat! 

Looking forward to your response!

 - Chase 

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I do use it for as much as I can along with all the other cameras I have. I also have a mavic but the Phantom 4 is very nice. I think my favorite would be landscape and nature type stock footage. I am in Pennsylvania so we have some pretty beautiful country up here and the sun rise and sets can be really nice. Business has been tough with the pandemic. I also have a full time job running a video department for a corporation so finding time to shoot drone footage is hard. The pandemic made it even harder to find work. Stock footage though is a great way to get out and shoot and occasionally making some passive income. Weddings are great ways to get some flying in and get stock footage clips too! The brides usually love the drone shots.

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