Smart Drone Development Kit with Developers in Mind

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I am a part of the engineering team of a startup company called Zeius.

We are currently in development of a drone with gaming capabilities. As we've made progress on our internal developer tools we thought the drone community could benefit from these tools as well. We are developing a completely open-source super compact single board computer designed specifically for drones (think of a Raspberry Pi specifically made for drones).

In short, we're looking to reach out to the drone community to see if the tools we are working with would interest anyone else.

The key functionalities that we are proud to support are:

- Single circuit board for entire functionality

- Completely open-source software based on Debian Linux

- Fully compatible with ROS and other software platforms for custom flight controllers, computer vision, mapping, etc.

- Modular design for adding extra peripherals via UART, I2C, and USB

- All Under $100


I would love to hear some thoughts on this from the community! We've never really reached out like this before. Please feel free to ask any questions but also filling out this poll we just made will help immensely.


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