Loveland Innovations Looking for Drone Pilots // New Service Network

Alan Perlman

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Hi all, if you're not familiar with Loveland Innovations, they've made a huge impact helping folks use drones in roofing, insurance, and solar inspections. We partnered with them a few years ago, and everyone I've spoken with who uses their product is a huge fan. They reached out to me with an opportunity that I wanted to share:


Are you interested in high-quality drone pilot jobs for top insurance carriers? 

Have a Phantom 4 Pro (V1 or V2) or a Mavic 2 Pro and an iOS device?

Apply to be a part of the Loveland Innovations services network. Fly and inspect properties and earn more for your skills.

Our current priority recruiting areas are: 

  • Charlotte, South Carolina
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Missouri (Kansas City, Jefferson City, Columbia, but really anywhere in MO)
  • Georgetown or Austin, Texas
  • Southern Illinois (Springfield, Evansville, Mt Vernon)
  • Alabama (Dothan, but really anywhere in AL)
  • Mississippi (Jackson and Columbia but really anywhere in MS) 
  • Louisianna (Monroe and Natchitoches but really anywhere in LA) 
  • Northern California (San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Rosa areas)
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico area


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