Beautiful Glacier views from Switzerland!

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10 hours ago, Chase Flynn | UAV Coach said:

Hi @Maik Kellerhals

Thank you for sharing more of your Switzerland drone videos, it looks like an incredible place for a drone pilot to live! 


 - Chase 

You're welcome! Thanks for watching!
Yes, i admit, I'm lucky. And with over 100 Destinations marked on my map I have a lot to do in the future ;)

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44 minutes ago, Louis Stauber said:

Very  beautiful video of the area and the glacier. Is the  glacier losing ice due to excessive warm temperatures?

Thank you very much! Yes, it gets shorter by about 3 Meters every year.

50 Years ago it reached all the way down to the valley, now it only just reaches to the highest cable car station.

It's a real problem here. Mighty glaciers, which drew many tourists in the last centuries are less impressive now and might be gone in another 50-100 years. 

Look at these comparison photos:

And this is the one from the video:


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