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Hello Everyone!

I was just thinking today, I see drones on social media becoming more and more prevalent within the community. Mostly for recreation only as probably expected. However, it got me thinking. With so many people buying drones that vary in quality what happens to them when they crash? There are 3 categories in my mind. 

 - There are the drones that are too cheap to bother with repair. They most likely collect dust and eventually get thrown away. 

 - Those that are expensive enough to at least see what it could cost to repair the drone.

 - Those that hopefully have insurance through the manufacturer and can get a replacement. 

Regardless, I live in California and when I google Drone Repair I only found 2 and they were both in the Bay Area! Do you think that is because there isn't a good enough resource for people to properly learn how to repair these? An example would be DJI. DJI is a large company that any drone pilot knows about. Do they not have enough parts to be ordered to repair their drones? How do the other company's like Parrot or Yuneek compare possibly? 

I have my hands full with too many projects as it is but I was just curious if anyone else out there has thought of this and what your thoughts are? Do you expect to see more rise up like we did cell phone repair companies? Do you think Drone Manufacturers will keep everything in house? 

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Hey there, saw your post about repair and maintenance. I had the same thought and so I will be a certified maintenance and repair technician for DJI and other brands by end of April. We will also be doing modifications to controllers and things of that type. I left my email, look me up if/when you need repair or modifications. 

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