Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Guidelines from FAA

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Hi Alan,

I was just at a workshop by the FAA UAS Integration office where this question was raised. The questioner asked why was the FAA asking cops to take action on UAS violations. Seems like he didn't read the first line:  If you suspect a UAS operation is unsafe or unauthorized

No different that when the police respond to an aircraft or skydiving accident. As a retired cop, 32 years, I responded to a few of these. What we do is no different from what the FAA is asking the cops to do. Secure paperwork and/or evidence and turned over to FAA,

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Well, it is up to each agency how busy they want to be with this UAV craze. I was chief of police in two agencies and, were I chief today, I would direct my officers to devote their time to more serious police work and leave hobby fliers alone, unless an injury is involved. We have better things to do...

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