how difficult is the part 107 test?

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I have a neighbor who is trying to convince me to take the FAA part 107 test and work for him flying drones, since I enjoy flying my phantom so much. I have what could be a good job, but since they are requesting us to work from home to help prevent spreading coronavirus and to protect ourselves from it, I am totally unable to do any of the job at all. I have only been able to actually finish one report in 5 months because I cannot stand being by myself at all even for a second and cannot concentrate on anything if I am alone. I would probably like flying drones for work, but highly doubt I can ever pass the test unless my boyfriend spends every day with me all day so I can concentrate on it. I do not care about employment at all because it is not constant pleasure and I have to concentrate on something besides fun and other things. it took me 40 minutes to type this post because I am in my house alone and I cannot stop thinking how badly I have to get away from myself.

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Hi @Caryboy

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Taking the Part 107 exam is not hard if you study and put the work in. I myself have taken the initial Part 107 exam and Recurrent Part 107 exam. 

I would recommend checking out our guide on how to get your Part 107 certification:

I hope this helps!

 - Chase 

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thanks, I downloaded some of the stuff from the faa website. 


I need to find out if the guy who mentioned it to me would be willing to pay me straight cash and not have me on a payroll, I do not want to contribute to this government especially Illinois with what they are doing to people by imposing restrictions for coronavirus when it is nothing , and I do not want any form of health care at all, not a needed thing at all, otherwise it would be a job I could enjoy

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