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Hello guys 

I'm working for a company who is making some interesting electrical appliances.

Now we are trying to develop a drone air purifier which is only for indoor use and sell it all over the world.

So I would really appreciate if you give me an advice to make this project successfully.

Also I would like to know about your ideal drone air purifier if you can imagine it like its price, design, function. I don't matter whether it is vague or concrete.

Thank you.


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Hi Future Drone,

So, when I look at your idea (which sounds very intriguing), my instant thought is a drone that shoots out Febreeze. Probably not the idea you had, but it brings up the point of how does your drone plan to purify the air? Also, how would it operate? Would you make it like the robotic vacuum cleaners that can map your house and move systematically? Also, who is your target demographic?

Suggestions: I would invest in a cage, kinda like the Flyability Elios (I think that's it). Possibly LiDAR or some sort of sensor system to prevent bumping into walls, objects, or human beings.

Just some thoughts. Let me know what you think.

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