Mavic Air 2 or Mavic Mini for my first drone?

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Hey guys,


I am currently living in Guangdong province, China. I plan to go to the DJI flagship store in Shenzhen on Saturday to purchase my first ever drone! The question is... which one?

I was drawn to the hobby by the prospect of taking unique pictures and videos of places I visit. I think of the trips I've been on before and wish I had a drone to record the beautiful places I saw and see them from angles impossible from the ground. I am also excited by the prospect of exploring wild places inaccessible on foot, such as deserted islands, steep mountains and thick jungles... 

Given my hopes of using my drone to explore, I was leaning towards the Mavic Air 2 for its superior range and power. However, I am aware that only the Mavic Mini is light enough to evade standard drone regulations. So I want to ask existing drone operators... how much of an issue is it to obtain permits in general when you travel?

I am from the UK and will likely mostly use my drone in England. If I get the Mavic Air 2, I will obviously obtain a permit to fly in the UK. But I'd also like to take my drone with me on overseas trips... do you guys usually apply for permits for countries before you visit? How much of a chore/expense is it? Is it okay to not get a permit if you only you stay away from human settlements? How strongly are regulations enforced? 




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