customizing movement of drones available in the market to identify and inventorize assets like trees and bamboos

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We are discussing a project with an international client who wants us to use drones to fly around an area, identify trees, record GPS, take some close-up photos of tree trunk and roots and similarly inventorize the assets in their huge campus.

However, we dont want to make or design our own drone. We were wondering if there are any drones with an open API kind of feature wherein we can use those drones and customize the functioning and control/ direct the movement of the drone using our own APIs so as to provide semi-autonomous kind of solution. Please advice if anyone has an idea on this. We dont want to spend time and money to develop a new drone, why not use a good one from the market but customize the flight to meet our requirements.

Any help and direction here will be much appreciated. Regards, Bala

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