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Just a quick hello from Carrollton, TX (north of Dallas).  Most of my drone usage is in search-and-rescue.  I also volunteer for the US Forest Service and hope to help with thermal scan of potential hotspots after controlled burns in the LBJ Grasslands near Decatur, TX.  Thanks for such a great community.

Jim Armstrong


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Most dangerous activities tend to be at night, which is my speciality (although still working on daytime ops waiver for using drones at night).  Increased injury risk and close encounters of the four-legged kind.  Most dangerous was a search-and-mark (locate a physical asset, mark it with an IR strobe, record coords).  Retreat to safe comms space and report asset position and ingress instructions.  Can't use a lot of visible light for reasons I don't want to go into.  Substantial use of NODs on that one.  Almost fell a dozen times - ugh ... glad it was not too long.

Beyond rain, craziest weather condition was a solo training op in extremely dense fog.  Could barely see 20 yards ahead.  I don't use GPS for nav as it can often be unreliable and if your device fails, you're screwed.  So, I practice using compass, distance estimation, and natural land features.  There was only one natural land feature that day ... fog :)


- jim


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