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My son is 18 and has been flying a drone for years. He takes Real Estate photos for me regularly. He’s going to do a school project involving taking drone footage in the city of Richmond of the monuments (and pedestals), the Virginia Museum of  Fine Arts,  and perhaps the Daughters of the Confederacy Building and Tredegar Iron works. With the protests all summer, I’m wondering if this is ill advised.  Can he fly in the city without getting in trouble?  His drone is registered. If police question him (us) I want to know what he is doing is perfectly legal. 

Thanks, Ginterpark

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Hi Ginterpark, I'm not familiar with your airspace, but I believe if you check restrictions on an app like Airmap, and check day of for any TFRs (temporary flight restrictions) at you can feel confident that you are flying legally. I would also check, just through google, if there are drone restrictions in your state parks, because it sounds like some of those sites might be designated as parks?

This way too, if you are approached by law enforcement, you have these resources to show them that you did your research. However, I believe the FAA does state you need to follow all requests from law enforcement, even if you are flying legally by FAA rules. (Someone who took their test more recently want to confirm that for me?)

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