Tapfly on HS 720 4K

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Hey , 

newbie here , looking forward to getting lots of tips . 
I have had a HolyStone 720 4K for about 6 months and loving it . One problem I’m having is the Tapfly feature  , I have been backwards and forwards with HolyStone who , although very helpful, haven’t solved the problem . 
I have tried Tapfly countless times over the months via the app and it’s managed to work twice . I’ve probably tried a couple of hundred time’s either with points or a track . With HolyStone advice I’ve tried 3 different devices , I’ve tried over 4 waypoints but less than 16 points , I’ve tried it in a very small area as the claim it will only work within 5G range on Tapfly, I’ve tried it with the device with airplane mode on and off , maps are updated , the drone is hovering and close to me when putting in the points . All of this and more and the message is the same every time  “fail to enter waypoints mode “ . 
in the end HolyStone have sent me a replacement drone but I’m still getting the same problem with the new drone !! 

one person as customer services mentioned that it will only work within the range of the 5G , it doesn’t ! But if that were the case you wouldn’t need Tapfly as it would be within 200 meter of you . I know you are supposed to always be in line of site but with these drones having such a   large flying range surely you have to fly them on the maps via the app With a pre programmed route  ! 
Either  way I’ve tried Tapfly in a very small area and within 5g and connected to the phone and still I get that same message, on two drones !! 

Has anyone here got any ideas ?
Thanks Mike 

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You Sir are not alone I have exactly the same drone, and live way out in the BFE...I get it above the treeline ALL the trees and attempt to put it into way point mode but No Bueno.  Fails every time the only time it works is if the way points are at most 100' out.  Which makes no sense if I can watch the video at well past 4X that range...As nifty as this drone is I can see at the very least a DJI mini II in my future...

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