Rotor blade inspections on wind turbines


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Today, about 1 million rotor blades are installed worldwide, and they all need to be inspected for one reason or another.

This is where Sulzer Schmid ( applies its technology excellence. As an independent Swiss company in the renewable energy space, we are the innovators of inspection technology 4.0 for rotor blades and towers of wind turbines.

The company has developed a digital end-to-end inspection process employing autonomous drones and incorporates cutting-edge image analysis tools as well as a cloud-based data management system.

By means of autonomously flying drones, the data acquisition process becomes a reliable and highly reproducible industrial grade process that is very safe. Our High-quality inspection data is scanned for damages by special purpose trained AI engines to process large amounts of data efficiently and accurately. It will represent the data foundation for predictive maintenance.

Our customers, large wind asset owners and turbine OEMs, gain complete transparency regarding the condition of critical components of their wind assets. With these insights, operations & maintenance can be optimized, and the overall efficiency be increased.

We constantly looking to expand our global partner network. If you are a commercial drone operator or business with experience in the wind industry and possessing the HSE certificates required in this industry (i.e. GWO or equivalent), then please reach out to us at

Looking forward to working with you.

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