Need help with Runner 250 Camera

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Hi, i have a Walkera Runner 250 racing drone (My first drone that was a gift). I am opening it for the first time. So far, I'm confident that I got the Devo 7 controller configured correctly, after watching a bunch of videos. The drone lifted straight off the ground with a big smile on my face. I've ran into an issue, though. I am unable to find ANYWHERE how to EXACTLY and SIMPLY connect my smartphone to my drone. It has a TX 5816 receiver (The mushroom thing popping out the top). This is a bran new drone that has never been opened before too. The only 'Walkera' app i found was in all Chinese, which i had to download the APK (Android) file right off the site. Every app i have downloaded off the Play store looks like some fake mobile game or something with absolutely no instructions at all. One had vague instructions about 'Turn on your Wifi and connect to the AP on your device', which i did, and saw NO AP (Im assuming they mean Access Point) named FPV or anything regarding my drone, only the local wifi in area, go figure. I am sorry i am typing a lot, i am getting extremely frustrated over something that should be extremely easy to do. I've worked in the IT industry for 15 years, so i am familiar with how Access points should work. Ironically i cant get this stupid FPV drone to put video on my phone. None of the manuals say HOW to actually use the camera on the drone. And all the videos go over EVERYTHING...-but- how to use the camera with my phone. Camera that came with drone is HD 800TVL

Can someone please help? Is there something i am missing? Am i just an idiot that forgot to turn a small switch on? Yes the drone is on while i tried doing the above. Yes the transmitter and camera are plugged in and on. Has fancy lights on the transmitter. I apologize again for how long this post is, i just wanted to give as much information as possible. Thank you for any help anyone can give

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