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I own a business that develops and manages IT solutions for other businesses. Security camera systems are a small support section of the business and I found how drones are being used for these applications across many sectors.

I mostly joined for some direction. I want to see how feasible building drones to do patrols around a property focusing on specific points of interest every hour or so. This also lead me to the idea of developing a landing dock/pad for a dispatch and return home station that would also charge the drones while not on patrol.

The last big idea is event reconnaissance. Say a motion sensor or a perimeter sensor trips and one or multiple drones are dispatched to investigate.

Aside from that I am a programming enthusiast. I primarily work in PHP and SQL but Python was my first language several years back.

Very excited to join the community!

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Interesting background.  I started 35 years ago writing assembly-language math libraries for supercomputers :).

Skydio and First Iz are moving along the lines you mentioned, to name a couple.  Autonomous drones for event recon is interesting, but approval to fly over people may be challenging.  

Good luck!!

- jim

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My plan is not to necessarily fly over people. The intent is to essentially do a follow-me mode using facial/human recognition like some selfie drones work to get active evidence of intrusion or harassment.

I also should note this will not be a service sold to customers, but to protect and monitor my own business and private property.

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