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I read some posts and I am also enthusiastic about commercial drone prospects for the future. Gonna keep it short I do not own a drone yet. I seem to have an affinity for higher end platforms though since I plan to concentrate my drone pursuits in the for profit realm. As for the moment I will once certified as a drone operator / FAA hire out my services for weddings, outdoor events, news stories, aerial inspections, aerial mapping for RE, insurance and so on. Print some business cards to spread around and fill up the bank account. Ideally, to make this hobby a part-time pursuit with full-time pay so to speak. Ultimately to include commercial operators working for me as independent contractors. And more. Kicking around the idea of a school as well. In the formulation stages. Anyway a hearty GOOD LUCK to all my drone peeps here. I will pay liberal finders fees to all for new clients you may know in my geographical area. Drop in here to chat anytime. Thumbs up flyers !!!


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Thanks for the introduction. Some unsolicited advice for you...

You have passion, but not much direction. My advice is to pick up a training model for $150 or less and PRACTICE SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE FLYING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

It takes a while to gain mastery in this industry. The fact that you're talking about business cards at this point is way too premature.

Focus, focus, focus on becoming a good pilot.

And when you're ready to get into business, focus, focus, focus, on one particular niche...not weddings, and inspections, and then mappings, and then a school. That's way too much my friend.

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