New to UAV Coach. Looking for ways to standout as the ideal candidate when applying with companies seeking UAS Pilots

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My name is Travis. I got into flying drones, specifically DJI Mavic models, over a year ago. Within the first 48 hours I found myself overwhelmed with elation. Once I saw through the eye of the drone 400' up, my mind exploded with all the places I wanted to see, capture, and share with others through photos and video. From October of last year to now, I have taken several hundreds of photos and have put together two video montages of my best footage. I feel like my skills are beyond novice and about to surpass intermediate. I am now looking for opportunities to become an expert. However, I would like to share those skills with a company that will pay for my experience as a career opportunity. I've looked into drone services that are needed in agriculture, construction, structure surveillance, real estate, and aerial cinematography. Aside from aerial cinematography and real estate, it's evident that the other services require more of mapping, flight planning, data collecting, and software awareness. This has become my new pursuit. So here are a few question I have:

Where/what/how do I start with learning to use my drone (DJI Mavic Air 2) for experience with mapping, flight planning, data collecting, and software awareness?

What can I do on my own and what do I need to pay for to use and gain experience with?

When companies are looking for candidates that have 1-2+ years of experience, how do I market myself (what skills sets should I have strong knowledge/experience with) to stand out and be the ideal candidate for an interview?

Any information and guidance is much appreciated! I am super passionate about this industry and would love to make it my new career change. I just feel overwhelmed with where to start as well as anxious with how I can accelerate my skills to stand out.

I do have my Part 107 license

Thank you


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