Is This the Biggest Leak in Drone History? Mavic Mini 2 Accidentally Stocked at a Best Buy Even Though DJI Hasn’t Released It Yet

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A recent YouTube video shows a man stumbling across the DJI Mavic Mini 2 at a BestBuy and, well, just buying it—even though DJI hasn't officially released it yet.


As of writing this article, the story and video have been shared on several drone news and tech outlets. Since we first saw it two days ago, it has climbed from a few hundred views to well over 80,000, and that number is sure to keep rising in the coming days.

And, as you might expect, the internet is buzzing with speculation—several comments on the video accuse the maker of faking it, but even more point out that this would be almost impossible, given the detail it contains.

Since then, the YouTube has released a follow up unboxing video showcasing specs from the new drone. Read today's article to learn more about both videos and to see all those specs for yourself.

Think the videos are real or fake? Comment on this thread to share your thoughts.

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I don't know if it's real or fake but either way, for me, it ranks right up there with the cat hanging from a ceiling fan and lighting farts on fire.  

I'm sure the guys has already crashed it by now and called DJI tech support.  It would be more interesting listening in on that conversation.  

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I personally think it's real, but it goes to say how did Best Buy mess up the timing for that? Do those types of stores get that much of early access to products that aren't even announced/released? Definitely an interesting situation. DroneDJ had an article or two about this, plus the review of the Mavic Mini 2. I honestly don't think it's too worth it based upon the stats (probably because I already have a Mavic Mini and don't personally need 4k video), but I've yet to see any significant changes. Just my thoughts.

Here's the DroneDj article.

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Anyway this is a real advantage having Occusinc 2.0 instead of a wifi connection.

But I find it difficult if DJI proposes a max transmission range of 10Kilometers. How is the "see and avoid" respected?

But it gives me confidence in a good transmission on my VLOS flights!

I will buy one and sell my Mavic Mini.

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