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Hey Everyone,

I am new to the drone industry and have been researching to gain more knowledge in the different avenues that flying drones could potentially take me. One sector that intrigues me is real estate photography. For those of you that do real estate photography, I am curious whether or not you offer only drone photography/video, or do you also offer internal pictures of the house with a handheld camera? I understand that drones are just another tool in the bag and offering a package that includes drone pictures/video and internal pictures is more profitable, but is there any business to be had with just offering ariel drone pictures/video in the real estate sector? Thanks! 


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Welcome to the forum.

Thats a good question.  More of a thoughtful question really.  I'm sure you'll get a variety of answers depending on who answers.  This being a drone related forum the obvious answer might be that sure you can make money by just offering aerial photography/video.  I don't believe that for a minute.  There are many variables, the agents, the location, price per square foot, how good you might be at architectural photography and videography, editing, graphics etc..  

Your success will depend largely on how much influence you have on all of those variables.  Also are you good enough to create your own "look" or style that you can charge more for enabling you to spend ore time with a project or are you less expensive because your more efficient and make up margin on efficiency.  The latter is how most people approach this market because most are not in a location that can support the higher price-point.

I have shot a fair amount of property video because I like architectural photography but have not shot as much as I could have because I don't care for realtors.  This has created a kind of conflict in my business model...

At any rate, it really depends on what what you'd like to accomplish with your business.  It's a great place to learn how to work on tight deadlines to produce a quality product.  I see way too much "HDR" and "cell phone" photography by people who really don't know anything about photography that realtors are too willing to hire because they're cheap.. 

Here's a link to some of my galleries (I'm in the process of creating a stills portfolio):

And here's a property video: 


You might also want to check out this thread:

There are plenty of people in this forum willing to share their experience of shooting and producing content for properties. Where are you located?


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Thank you for your insight. I am located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is right on New Hampshire's coastline, an area where I feel has a lot of potential business. I'm skeptic because I know little about photography, but a whole lot about aviation, and the thought of combining the two intrigues me. Were you a photographer first who then became a drone pilot? 

Your property video and stills are awesome!


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HI Chuck, 

Like Sheldon, I'm interested in breaking into the Real Estate market. Thanks for the insight and valuable information. Love your work as well. 

Question: I'm in San Diego and have a few realtor friends that I've nudged for some side work opportunities. Despite being friends, they didn't hire me, because I'm in competition with the media companies here that offer both still images and drone footage packages created by a team. I'm a one man crew. Rather than do the rookie move by lowering my price IS having my own unique style the best way to pull realtors away from these companies? In your experience, how have you been able to compete against these one stop shop type of businesses?

Thanks for any info.

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