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Greetings. I am fairly new to the drone community. I am retired now for the past 12 years and have just taken up drones for something new to do. I have lots of computer experience but no real drone experience. I worked for about 15 years in the IT Department of a large hospital system. Prior to that I worked for 33 years in the newspaper business. My computer experience goes back to the 70s when I purchased one of the first computers on the market. It came in a kit form and you had to put it together. So, most all of my experience has been self taught.

During the past year I have acquired a HolyStone HS100 GPS, a HolyStone 160Pro, a Deerc D10, a Deerc D50, a Deerc D15 and lastly a HolyStone 720E.  My favorite so far is the HS100 GPS.

I have joined this group in hopes of finding answers to questions that I am sure many of us have in common. I find that sharing information in this way helps to build a community of satisfied members.

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Hi @Herm Smith,

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Thank you for sharing your background with us, computer knowledge is always a good thing to have. The HolyStone drones seem like they are great drones and have a lot of features for the price. Please feel free to ask us any questions! 

 - Chase 

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Greetings! I am also a fan of Holy Stone and Potensic drones. Now I am actively testing the HS 720, so far it shows itself very well. For the money, a very worthy model. What are your impressions of the HS 720?
I also want to try out the Potensic D80 drone in the near future. This model comes with a camera built into the body. It's interesting to try how it records video.

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