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Hello All,

I'm a newbie from Oregon with a new Syma x 300 drone to learn on.  So a quick question, I don't quite understand "headless" flying.  I have the option of either, which should I  choose and why?  If I start with the camera pointed away from me so that I will have left and right  orientation will that mean that the drone will always be pointed away from me if I have the "headed" option on?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Ken,

I'm not familiar with that model of drone and all the manufacturers refer to this functionality differently.  Although referring to the flight mode of a drone as "headless" seems to be pretty bad marketing...

At any rate I imagine that this refers to what I believe DJI calls "Intelligent Orientation Control" or IOC.  Its been a long time since I've flown anything with IOC but if I remember correctly there are two modes of IOC, Course Lock and Home Lock.  

In Course Lock the control inputs are relative to the direction of flight along a path.  Forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction.  This can be useful if you want to fly past something on a path and yaw the drone to keep the nose pointed at a region of interest.

In Home Lock it doesn't matter which way the nose is pointed, if you lose orientation you just have to remember if you want to fly it to the home position [assuming your standing at the home position where you took off from] you "pull" the drone towards you by pulling the control back; if you want to fly the drone away from you, push the control stick forward; left is left and right is right no matter the orientation of the drone.

UNLESS: the drone passes behind you, then everything is 180 out.

Make sense?

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