EverDrone Makes Drone-Delivered Defibrillators Available to 80,000 in Sweden

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Since June, EverDrone has been delivering Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) by drone to people experiencing cardiac arrest.

The deliveries are part of a clinical study taking place in the Gothenburg area of Sweden, where they’re available to over 80,000 residents. The study is using three drone systems from EverDrone, placed strategically in a 3.7 mile (6 kilometer) radius throughout the city.


A remarkable aspect of the defibrillator drone delivery program is that it is fully integrated with emergency dispatch. This integration is enabled by the delivery program’s partnership with Sweden’s national emergency call center, SOS Alarm.

Read today's article to learn more about EverDrone's defibrillator delivery program in Sweden and its plans for expansion.

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One of the problems we have in this industry is the misinformation, or maybe a better word might be misdirection of articles like this.  

It reports this drone company can autonomously deliver AEDs to 80,000 people dispatched through a system integrated into Sweden’s emergency management system.  This is good news but the article doesn’t report that it’s actually been used.  I would imagine that if it had been used even once it would be big news.  

They have strategically placed them every 3.7 miles, Sweden’s a big place, that’s a lot of drones. And nowhere is it mentioned if it’s reach is only 4 miles then how much time does it save over current emergency response times?   What about bad weather?  

The people who are doing this study/test are not idiots yet the way this is being reported makes it sound like this is a solution in search of a problem.  Statistics about the need for AEDs and the importance of using them quickly but no mention of a single successful deployment in six months out of 80,000 people.  

There’s something missing in this article that would add credibility to the study.  So I suspect this is more of an issue of questionable PR?  

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Hey @Av8Chuck, totally agree that the drone industry can sometimes inflate the importance of an event just for the sake of a press release, and this has especially been the case with drone delivery (remember that press release about Flirtey delivering donuts in 2016?).

But I think you're off base here.

After reading your comment I emailed the CEO of Everdrone asking for data around actual deployments/lives saved/any other relevant stats and he let me know that the researchers who are running the study are keeping that data private until they can share it in a medical journal article, which is slated to come out in January of 2021.

However, he did confirm that:

• System and operational routines has performed according to expectations.
• Live emergency drone dispatches have continuously been carried out during the study period, June through September.

The fact that the program is expanding to 100,000 in Denmark, with plans to reach half a million in both Denmark and Sweden by the end of 2021, does indicate that it's providing value. I don't think the agencies supporting first responders in both countries would be supporting this kind of expansion just to give Everdrone a PR coup.

Also, point of clarification—the drones are placed every 3.7 miles in part of the city of Gothenburg but there are only 3 of them total. Gothenburg has about 570,000 residents but only 80k can get these deliveries:


One area where I think what you're saying often applies is BVLOS waivers for drone delivery in the U.S.—over the last few years we've heard about companies getting these waivers but still having to use a VO, or not really flying BVLOS at all even though they have permission to—which implies that they don't feel confident doing so, and that the waiver itself may have been obtained just for press purposes.

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Wow, didn’t intend for that to happen.  I joke that because I’m Australian, English is my second language.  Part of the point I was trying to make was not actually meant to be critical of their effort but to point out the harm that PR can have.  

I totally understand that when your a vendor supporting a customers R&D you can’t talk about the project publicly,  but in those situations you probably shouldn’t talk about them at all.  You have to be careful of stealing your customers thunder and not being able to include all the information you would like in the way you would like to present it to support whatever claim your making. 

I really like that you followed up with the CEO and made the changes.  Information is often subtle but significant. It also demonstrates the importance of forums like UAV Coach, we don’t all have to agree about an issue or how it’s presented to debate it.  Because you followed up on that discussion with the CEO, it took what could have been perceived as negative and turned it into constructive criticism. 

Well done and thanks for the nudge.  

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Cheers to productive dialogue! :)

We always want to hear about ways we can do better. Related to my writing about the drone industry, I've heard from people before saying "How much are [insert drone company's name] paying you to say X, Y, or Z"—and the answer is, nothing. Honestly, there aren't any conspiracies, just sometimes a shortage of knowledge or an unintentional lack of perspective.

All we're trying to do is report and we can have blind spots. Your notes really helped w/ this piece, and I appreciated the exchange. Breath of fresh air, frankly!

Have a great weekend Chuck, and thanks again.

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