Tallest Lighthouse on Baltics Mikelbaka! This vid was made in a memory of cattiest cat - Richard. =(

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In the memory of the cattiest cat in the world - Richard. Rest in peace dear friend you're always bring a joy into our hearts. =( Legends date the name "Mikelbaka" to 1749, when the coast was surveyed by Mikhail Ryabinin, a Russian midshipman. After a period, the name was changed to the Latvian "Mikelis”. At 56 metres (184 ft) it is the tallest lighthouse tower in the Baltic States. The present-day Miķeļbāka lighthouse was built in 1957, documented in the sign above its front door. Two hundred and ninety-three steps lead to the top of the lighthouse, offering a view overlooking the surrounding Kurzeme coast of the Baltic Sea and a lighthouse on the Syrve Peninsula of Saaremaa that can be seen in fine weather at a distance of 35 kilometres (22 mi). The current tower is 56 metres (184 ft) high, the beacon having a focal height of 59 metres (194 ft) above sea level, making it the tallest in the Baltic States.


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