InterDrone 2020’s 5 Co-Located Events Provide Deep Dives into Different Parts of the Drone Industry

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InterDrone 2020 is now less than one month away, and we're starting to get pretty excited.

In a recent blog post we took at the five co-located events happening at the conference this year. If you've been wanting to learn more about a specific aspect of the drone industry, attending one of these events could be a good way to fast track your knowledge—read on to learn about each of the five co-located events InterDrone is offering this year.


The five events this year are:

  • GeoDrone—Surveying & Mapping
  • AECDrone—Construction
  • UAS First Responder Summit—Public Safety
  • Inspection Drone—Energy & Infrastructure
  • Drone Nexus—Business, Policy & Imagination

Read today's post to learn more about each one of these events.

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On 11/22/2020 at 5:25 PM, Alfie Foster said:

How do I want to get on it

Oh Yes. I'll be there both days! Two friends and I are obsessed with drones and everything related to them. We bought brand new models that were quite well reviewed on we've already tried them out in the field. I already went to InterDrone 2019 last year in September in Las Vegas and it was an awesome weekend!! True, at that time I broke my drone by crashing into a tree, but I was still satisfied with the trip. So I think this year's event will be even better and more spectacular

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