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Hello & Greetings from “L.A.”....If you flew helicopters in the Army, you know where I’m @! 
My background: I’m 52 and been around Aviation that long....flew Professionally for 34 years,ATP, 3 type ratings (Citation Excel/Latitude....But Mostly I’m a Hawker Pilot @ Heart!) Spent 20 + years every 6 months @ FlightSafety with no pink slips...Got total Road Burnout and “Retired”.....thought I had a pretty successful Aviation Career......AND THEN I BOUGHT A DRONE! (Actually 5 to date)....I can fly it with the sticks somewhat descent....trying to figure out the automation (TapFly) ...first time trying to use it I had a “FlyAway”😩....It ended up in some guys back yard hovering....he grabbed it,pulled the battery, called the police as I did and an hour later it was home!…In 15,000 flight hours that was the worst feeling....I Got LUCKY....And as I replayed the chain of events there was So many “Got Ya’s”....The Holes lined up and the Event Occurred. As hard as I tried to treat it with the same respect as anything else I fly, The preflight is not as it should be and flying it (Oh it’s a Phantom 4) was stressful,especially trying to use the IPAD!…
My wife asked me with all seriousness “Isn’t there like a FlightSafety for Drones you could go thru”....SHE NAILED IT!…Every Aircraft that I have flown since 1993 I have been thru Formal Training On. The Moral of this Story....GET SOME DUAL .....Utube is Great, but one on one is Golden! And that is what I am hoping that I found here... I will be scheduling with Mobile and/Or Cape Coral real soon!


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@PilotAl, Welcome to the forum.  Funny story.  I too flew helicopters in the Army starting in '73 and have been flying every since although I didn't choose to make aviation a career.

I started to get into drones because of my interest in photography and a friend had an electric RC helicopter that I thought was big enough to carry a DSLR.  Trouble was I couldn't fly an RC helicopter to save my life.  Fortunately, a German company, Mikrocopter was gaining notoriety with multirotors and that launched me down the DIY path of building MRs and eventually starting Aerial Alchemy.  https://aerialalchemy.com/

If its any comfort, its doubtful that any amount of preflight would have prevented your flyaway.  That's more indicative of purchasing Chinese manufactured drones.  Regarding training, its getting much better than it used to be for sure.  The challenge is drones, remote avionics, and FAA regulations are not standardized in any way.  Every application is different and there is no baseline to compare it against which makes the type of certified "FlightSafety" training nearly impossible.   


Good luck with your drone adventures...

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This is Sandeep, I have gone through so many websites to know about the Best Drone Development Companies for the drone research project I'm doing. One of the article I have gone through is in TechCentred Website. I thought it gave somewhat info about drone development companies.

Please share your thoughts so that i can get some inputs.

Sandeep Yadav

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