3D mapping software for Inspire1 pro X5

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Not tried it yet but have spoken to the guys at Drone Deploy and what they are doing looks good. My only concern at the moment is for locations with no or dodgy signals. That said, it is worth checking out. 

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Ronk - Can you be a bit clearer on what you are looking for? Are you looking to create 3D models? Or just capture the images? 

If you want to create 3D models, you are going to want a bit of computing power and some software. Photoscan (Agisoft) and Pix4D are two of the more popular programs.

There are some online processing tools. Maps Made Easy will generate 3D models, as will Drone Deploy. I'd suggest Drone Deploy currently as they have a specific button to process structures and I like their pricing plan better. Both have apps to generate autonomous flights for mapping. Depending on what you are hoping to get in 3D, you get can get decent models just from those mapping flights if you have high amounts of overlap. 


***I also haven't done any mapping with the X5 yet, but if MME or DD doesn't currently support it, you should just reach out to them. Their apps do all of the heavy lifting and it they'd just need to adjust the FOV for the camera as a choice. These two are the most likely to fit your needs I'm guessing.  

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