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A year ago When Companies Like UPS & Amazon we’re trying to get the FAA’s “Blessings”, one of the stipulations was to ONLY Use Commercial Rated Part 91 Pilots that held Second class Medicals....Fast Forward to Today...The FAA is saying such operations must have a Air Charter Part 135 Certificate...WHAT?…How do you give a Checkride in a Unmanned Aircraft? Pilots operating under part 135 are required to pass a Checkride given by an FAA Examiner...

I haven’t seen a thing about Pilot Requirements lately, but I do know this...to qualify as a part 135 Pilot you must hold a commercial pilots license & a second class flight Medical....There are a whole lot of things under 135 that make no sense in the Drone World....personally, I think they should write a new chapter for those operators combining some of Part 107 and some of 135...Call it Part 114, that’s halfway!

So does anyone have the 411 on all this?

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I'm no better at figuring out what or why the FAA does what it does than anyone else, but I think if you look at this issue from possibly their point of view requiring Part135 certification makes sense.

There is no standardization in the drone industry, every drone is different so how can you certify the risk for flying in close proximity of people?  Delivering packages to locations where the approach and egress might change or be blocked requires a whole other level of autonomy. How do you certify that autonomy?  What actually constitutes collision avoidance in an industry with no standards? 

Plus add to that you have bureaucrats who know very little about the problems associated with these issues trying to create regulations or requirements for certification creating a conflict between the government and free market.  

Free market forces will eventually win out.  Its already beginning with the withdrawal of Amazon.  I have yet to hear anyone in the shipping business make a case for why they need drones to deliver the last mile?  I can see the need for larger drones capable of carrying 500 pounds of packages between smaller cities or hubs but if a drone delivered my brand new camera I'd be mad as hell.  No one is going to pay extra for a drone to deliver cold pizza or shaken (but not stirred) beer.

So the capitalism will eventually win the day and the FAA employees will be looking for a new job.     

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