Drones in Precision Ranching—How BeeFree Agro Uses Autonomous Drones and AI-Powered Software to Herd Cattle

Zacc Dukowitz

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Precision ranching is another new practice that, like precision ag, leverages UAVs and AI-powered software to make managing and raising livestock more efficient and less expensive.

Although the idea of precision ranching with drones has been around for several years, most of the drone solutions we’ve heard about for it have relied on ranchers or researchers retrofitting existing drone technology.

Further, although some of these retrofitted drones have been used to herd livestock, the primary use case has focused more on spotting and tracking animals in a pasture. That is, using the drone as a sophisticated flying camera—not as an actual proxy for a person (or a dog, for that matter) actively herding livestock.

But Israel-based BeeFree Agro may be about to change that.


Read today's post to learn about BeeFree Agro's precision ranching drone solution, and how it can help ranchers save money, reduce their workload, and make their operations more efficient.

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