New to the community with a few questions-Steve Bryant

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My name is Steve.   I live in Oklahoma City, OK.  I read that I need to use a TAG; I don't know how to do that or even what it is. 

I want to fly a drone in the British Virgin Island during a two (2) week vacation, on a 40 foot sailboat in the late summer to fall (if I have to wait until winter, then so be it....China virus dependent) 2021.

My ideal priorities are these:

1.  The drone with the least complicated and easiest flight capabilities possessing good visual of flight via visor or bright control screen.

2. Powerful flight capabilities.  (I will be flying from a sailboat in a breezes from 15-20 miles per hour+.)

3. Excellent camera

4.  Long battery life  

I will be flying over sea water from a sailboat.  I hope I won't be limited by the number of drones that are not water resistant (salt water).  I plan to recover the drone by the use of a net or sheet into which the drone could be driven for safe recovery on a sailboat.  Such a process would not require both a proficient pilot as well as a brave person to actually catch the drone thus eliminating the potential for those types of accidents that could arise from a lack of confidence and a less than proficient command of the drone.

Thank you in advance for your feedback,


Thank you,

PS:  I case I am unable to find my way back into this network, my email address is



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I don’t know what a TAG is either.  I wouldn’t worry about that, your on a boat you can pretty much fly wherever you like.  

Generally, multi rotors and salt water are mutually exclusive of each other so there are very few choices. 

Start your search here:

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